Movement For Life

Movement For Life

When you volunteer with us you will be joining the community organising program putting the power back in the hands of the people.

When it comes to how we feel about nature, we have more in common with each other than we might think.

Movement For Life is a community of like-minded people who together are growing an unstoppable network to give nature a voice that can’t be ignored.

Together, we’re changing the way we talk about nature, one conversation at a time.

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Sign up, and one of our community organisers will call you to discuss how you can get involved with your local group.

Together, we can make real change for our natural world in our own communities, and have a great time with like-minded people in the process. Find out how Stephanie found a real sense of purpose and belonging with Movement For Life.

Be part of it

Communities across Australia have come together to form 35 (and growing!) local Movement For Life groups who are making a real, tangible change for our living world. They are trained and supported by one of Australia’s longest-standing and most successful environmental organisations.

By being involved in your local Movement For Life team you will get the chance to contribute to meaningful work that delivers actual results including campaigns, tree plantings, political engagement, community gatherings, forums, door knocks, clean up days and much more.

And when our state and national environment need us, we come together to form an unstoppable force.

Community organising works

People care...we know that! But for too long we’ve felt alone and isolated watching from a distance while the top end of town makes decisions based on vested interests about our local, state, and national environment. The thing is - we’re not alone, we just need to get organised!

Our challenge isn’t changing people’s minds. It’s simply finding each other, connecting, and offering a way to make a difference that is accessible for all, no matter your age, skill set, experience, or free time at your disposal.

Community organising gives us the tools to create long term change from the grassroots level, not band-aid solutions, and with every win we have our movement’s power grows.

Ready to get involved?

Get involved, get empowered and share your values across your community — and the country.

Photo: Adrian Guerin

Why our decision-makers can no longer ignore us

  • We’ve already trained 2,000+ leaders to create change, and we’re with them every step of the way.
  • We’re running regular trainings, honed in community organising practices from around the world, in communities right across Australia.
  • We are having hundreds of conversations every week and speaking to audiences our movement has never spoken to before.
  • We're expanding to an unprecedented scale by training volunteers to develop their own teams and train and empower their peers to drive the change they want to see.

Your Stories

When you volunteer with Movement For Life, you join like-minded people within your community to address local environmental concerns, as well as national issues like climate change and biodiversity loss, and gain a sense of empowerment and perhaps most importantly, hope. Below, meet people from up and down the country who have channelled their passion for nature and taken the next step.